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SOCIGNITOR Review Should I get it?

What is it: SocIgnitor is an revolutionary 'all in one' Facebook Fan Engagement, Lead Generation, Marketing and Messenger software, that allows users to collect leads directly from Facebook and send bulk messages to their leads and FB Page Members. The main dashboard is sticked with some statistics from your existing campaigns such as total subscribers, total unsubscribers, total messages sent, campaign completed, campaign processing, campaign pending, and many more. The first thing you have to do is go to “Setting” section and integrate your Facebook account to SocIgnitor. The great thing is that you can add multiple your facebook accounts to your SocIgnitor dashboard, and you have ability to switch each other. After integrating your FB accounts to SocIgnitor , this software shows you 6 main modules you can work with. They are Auto Content, FB Poster, Carousel Poster, Cross Poster, CTA Poster, and Connect Fans.

SocIgnitor’s Creators: Gary Alach grouped with Sajan Elanthoor and Dipanjan Goswami to produce and launch this revolutionary tool.

It is such a great collaboration of smart marketers and talented developers. They all have been working in the digital industry for years so they understand what is the real obstacles that young marketers face and how to overcome the challenges. For that reason, they created SocIgnitor Review to help you figure out a better plan for social marketing strategies.

Features: FB Messenger 'autoresponder' which allows users to send bulk messages and automated responses to their leads and Fans directly through FB messenger (which is 100% inboxed). Multi Lingual content curator with 1 click posting of content to increase Fan engagement and for marketing to page members and prospects.

Call To Action Poster that attracts and harvests leads that can be marketed to through FB Messenger.

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