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SITESWIFT Review Should I get it?

What is it: SiteSwift Software Creates commission generating authority sites with traffic already in circulation. No paid ads - no risk - no waiting to get paid. Instead of focusing on “cash” sites or “landing” pages, Andrew Naser - a software developer focused on authority. You see, while everyone focused on landing pages, solo ads, bridge pages, 3 page sites and more. I focused on authority sites, because...Quick Cash Methods Are Saturated. Authority sites are where it's at. They equal bigger money and long-term income. What are they?? They are simply sites that do NOT focus on quick cash generation. Instead, they focus on long term success using consistent high quality content, smart monetization with soft selling relevant offer & self growing organic free traffic.

When you constantly have content that entertains, sells and keeps your users coming back you have what is called a snowball effect. This effect essentially means that overtime you will be more profitable and work less. However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because, the fact that everyone else is focusing on all the other methods. Means that making money with Trust Based, Content based sites is A LOT FASTER. However, if you want to create a truly profitable authority site, You have to do a lot of different things that take time and money: spend money on professional design, think of smart ad placement, start generating traffic, choose a niche and do keyword research. Create or manually curate content multiple times a day (a nightmare and you know it). And each of these tasks isn’t actually one task, it’s multiple tasks to get just 1 element. Think of the work, and expenses that will go into this. SiteSwift Review

And if you try outsourcing. And although it doesn’t always happen, there is a huge risk of sharing info with new virtual employees who then steal your business model and do it themselves after you teach them. With 10 years of software development skills, I created something to automate this completely.

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