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RankModo Review Should I get it?

What Is RankModo? RankModo is a new and improved web based video ranking app that lets you rank ANY of your videos (YouTube) to page #1 of Google and YouTube and helps you get traffic (and sales) from your videos. The Top 3 Lies You Are Being Told: SEO Is Impossible In 2019 (FALSE). You Need To Be A Video Expert (FALSE). There's No Free Traffic Anymore (FALSE). WHY LIVE VIDEO? Because: 3X MORE TIME: Facebook have released figures that tell us in 2019 the average person spends 3x longer on a live video than static video. 78% OF CONTENT IS VIDEO: In 2019, 78% of all online content is now video. If you are missing live video from your marketing strategy, you WILL miss out on the vast majority of your traffic.

63% GET THE BEST ROI: 63% of online business get their best return on investment from live video. And most businesses are not using it. So, right now is the gold rush. ONLY 23% OF MARKETERS: Only 23% of marketers use live video in 2019 but this number has increased 80% since 2018. So, the time is now. Get involved FAST or get left behind. 72% OF ALL INTERNET USERS: Studies show that 72% of all internet users prefer engaging with live video over any other kind of online content. THE NEXT GENERATION: The next generation of online buyers have grown up with live video and this trend will only grow as they move into 2020. Introducing RankModo Review . This is automated live video but better.

4 steps to success with RankModo: Step 1: Research: Ensure quick rankings or uncover low competition opportunities. Step 2: Create: Create optimized YouTube Live events. These videos rank higher than ever in Google & YouTube. Step 3: Rank & Track: Secure high traffic rankings by building automated backlinks and track your progress. Step 4: Monetize: Monetize your live videos using a highly effective and proven strategy. Get RankModo for just one, low one-time payment before the price increase. Features: Keywords Research per month. YouTube Competition Analytics per month. Keyword Tracking.

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