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Local Landing Page Pack Review Should I get it?

What is it: Local Landing Page Pack Summer 2019 contains 20 DFY landing page templates designed for local businesses in 20 hot & profitable niches. You will get 20 stunning templates that they can edit easily and sell to local businesses for at least $97 each. The templates of Local Landing Page Pack are proven to skyrocket conversion and leads of PPC campaigns of local businesses. Do you want to know a BIG mistake of 80% local businesses that are running PPC advertising? They spend a lot of money for Google, Facebook, but are using poorly-designed homepage, service page or even… about us page to drive the traffic to. Just do some local keyword searches, look at the paid results and you will see.

Some 'website design' guys are charging hundreds for a single landing page and thousands for a website, which are always beyond the marketing budget of most local businesses. Business owner don't understand that using a poorly-designed page in a PPC campaign is a WASTE of money. Competing with others is getting harder and harder nowadays, and when they pay more to win a visitor to their 'online front desk', they're out of money to take care of the prospect. That's sad, but when someone needs a local service and comes to a website that is lack of information, they will leave instantly. Local Landing Page Pack Review

And as a result, the whole PPC campaign is just like throwing money out of window. You know, a landing page is not something new these days. It's an ‘ancient’ thing in marketing world. But not everyone knows how to do it the right way, even after the release of many landing page software. What If You (Yes, YOU) Can Give Local Businesses An Affordable Solution To Double Their Conversion? You can instantly see a great income, but I even see a bigger opportunity ahead. Double conversion means DOUBLE LEADS and SALES with THE SAME money spent. If you provide that to local businesses, you will have a great chance to offer other marketing services.

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