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Eight Webhosting Review and bonus

What Is Eight Webhosting? Eight Webhosting is a new concept in hosting. Instead of paying month-after-month, they charge you once every 8 years. A single one-time payment.

Increase your Shopper and Customer Satisfaction with The Fastest Website Loading. Faster Websites are Proven to Increase Your Sales. It’s true - The average user has no patience for a page that takes too long to load. And your current webhosting company doesn’t care. 47% of consumers expect a page to load in under 2 seconds. Why doesn’t your current webhosting provider offer CloudLinux, LiteSpeed Webserver, Opcache and more to guarantee a faster loading website? According to the Google "Site Performance for Webmasters" video - Site Speed is a ranking factor. Why doesn’t your hosting provider invest in Enterprise Servers with a minimum of 32 CPU Cores and 128 GB RAM. 40% leave a website that loads in more than 3 seconds. Why doesn’t your current webhosting provider offer a complete WordPress Control Hub to automate your WP management including auto-updating of WP Core, WP Themes and WP Plugins to ensure the latest versions and fastest speeds. Eight Webhosting Review

Are You Tired of 400% Price Increases? It happens to millions of customers every year! Are you one of the millions of customers that have you signed up for $2.95/mo. hosting only to find out the renewal is $8.95/mo. - $11.95/mo.? Up to a 400% price increase? Wouldn't it be nice to know that after you sign up for web hosting, you won’t pay again for 96 months! And when you need to renew, your original purchase price is guaranteed. Forever? Each and every month you'll save on your hosting and domain renewal fees. A penny saved is a penny earned. That's guaranteed money in the bank every month. Have you ever had your hosting go down or your domain disappear because your hosting invoice was sent to your spam folder? How costly and embarrassing is that? And to add insult to injury, your web host wants to charge you a late fee, a data recovery fee as well as a $100+ domain restoration fee.

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